Supply Through Direct or Authorized Channels


Renesas / Intersil / IDT

ISL, Radiation hardened products, MUX, switches, buffers, transceivers, MCU, MPU, audio/video IC, transistor arrays, MOSFET, GaAs amplifiers, GaAs transistors, 54 series logic, DAC, ADC, Smart Analog

PROM, DRAM, SRAM, digital isolators, DSP

Analog Devices / Linear Tech / Hittite

Amplifiers, ADC, DAC, switches, MUX, power management, op amps, reference, DSP, GaAs/MMIC amplifiers, phase shifters, sensors, Si oscillators

Microchip / Microsemi / Atmel

PROM, EEPROM, EPROM, converters, MPU, amplifiers, logic, sensors, switches, regulators, hi-rel and radiation hardened ICs, flash memory, SRAM, JANS, JANTX, cryptomemory 

Infineon / IR

MUX, switches, IGBT LDO, MOSFET, power, transistors, thyristors, gate drivers, schottky diodes

Vishay / Siliconix

IGBT, switches, MOSFET, MUX, regulators, drivers, JFET, thyristors, schottky, zener diodes

OnSemi / Fairchild

Sensors, amplifiers, comparators, EEPROM, SRAM, flash, MPU, microcontrollers, transistors, diodes, MOSFET, IGBT, switches, drivers, 54 series logic


Cobham / Aeroflex

Radiation hardened QML Q & V - 54 series logic, MRAM (QML V available), SRAM, regulators, drivers, receivers, MUX, amplifiers, databus transceivers, comparators, LVDS

Qorvo / Triquint

MMICs, amplifiers, phase shifters, multiplexers


Radiation hardened products, bipolar transistors




54 series logic, regulators, reference, op amps, FETs, RF transistors, diodes

Analog Devices / PMI

Op amps/comparators, ADC, DAC, switches, MUX, power management, op amps, reference 


Logic, comparators, transistors, regulators, op amps, binary counter dividers

STMicro / SGS / Thomson

Space level transistors, op amps, zener diodes


ECL, MECL, TTL, matched transistors, schottky, zener diode, RF transistors, 

Harris / Intersil

Transistor arrays, drivers, MOSFET, switches, buffers

TI / Burr Brown

54 series logic, TTL, CMOS


Hi-rel transistors and diodes

Sprague / Allegro

Passive components

Zetex / Philips

Passive components