Service offered to hybrid, MCM (multi-chip module) and COB (chip on board) designers and manufacturers. Industries served are Military, Aerospace, medical, commercial, automotive and general industrial.

  • Assistance with design, redesign and alternative sourcing.  Help with identifying functional equivalents, and solutions that work for customer circuits
  • Wafer polishing, back lapping. Wafer probing at 25C/-55C/125C.. Wafer saw and singulation of GaAs, Silicon, and Sapphire based components.  Pick and place services to provide end product in waffle pack, gel pack or tape and reel.
  • Visual inspection from gross visual to mil std 883/750 condition A (space level) or B (military level).
  • LAT testing to 38534 class K and H or to customer supplied drawings or specifications.
  • Assembly including die attach, wire bonding Au (ball) and Al (wedge), hermetic sealing, seam sealing, metal cans, ceramic or plastic packages as required.  MHC performs bond pull and die shear testing per mil std.
  • MHC performs burn-in, centrifuge, temp cycle.
  • MHC can perform SEM and WLAT cross section analysis
  • MHC can perform a wide range of electrical testing from –65C to 200C. DC and AC parametric functionality tests. DC to 50Amps and 1000V.
  • MHC can provide PAL, PROM and EPROM programming and testing.
  • MHC is dedicated to providing quality product and maintains ISO 9001:2008 certification. MHC has been mil-45208 audited as well. Good suppliers are dedicated to their customers end product and MHC pledges to support our customers and continually improve our processes towards the goal of perfect quality and delivery performance.