Line card/product offering page content:

  • Analog Devices-A/D-D/A converters, amplifiers, switches, voltage references, comparators Sensors
  • APT– IGBT, Diodes, Mosfets, RF
  • Atmel– micro controllers, EEPROM, EPROM, RF, drivers
  • Calogic– DMOS switches, transistors
  • Central Semi– small signal transistors, diodes, rectifiers, thyristors
  • Cypress– clocks. interface, SRAM, non-volatile memory. Controllers
  • Dionics– diodes, transistors, drivers
  • Fairchild– power mosfets, small signal transistors, logic, amplifiers, comparators, switches, contollers
  • Freescale– micro controllers, processors, DSP
  • Hittite Microwave– amplifiers, clocks, data converters, digital logic, interface, frequency multipliers, drivers
  • IDT– logic, SRAM, clocks, micro controllers
  • Interfet– J-FETS, switches
  • International Rectifier– IGBTs, power controllers, power mosfets and hexfets
  • Intersil– amplifiers, buffers, analog, data converters, comparators, switches, timing, Voltage references, digital
  • IXYS– Drivers, RF, power mosfets, micro controllers, amplifiers, IGBT, Diodes, current regulators, switches, thyristors
  • Lattice– gate arrays, logic devices
  • Linear Systems– Bipolar transistors, switches, diodes, mosfets
  • Maxim– clocks, amplifiers, analog, switches, memory, micro controllers, sensors, voltage references
  • Micrel– linear, RF, clocks, op amps, comparators, power management
  • Microchip– amplifiers, buffers, comparators, controllers, DSP, memory analog
  • Micron– SDRAM, flash
  • Microsemi– diodes, rectifiers, zeners, RF transistors, power transistors
  • National– op amps, sensors, comparators, analog, power management, data converters
  • ON Semi– logic, ECL, Bi polar transistors, rectifiers
  • Samsung– DRAM, Flash, power management
  • Semicoa– transistors, mosfets, rad hard, mil
  • Sensitron– rectifiers, diodes, voltage suppressors
  • Solitron– diodes,IGBT, mosfets, jfets
  • Spansion– Flash memory
  • Supertex– analog multiplexers, ultrasound mosfets, drivers, switches, IGBT
  • Texas Instruments– op amps, linear, clocks, data converters, interface, logic, power management, processors, ARM, DSP, micro controllers, RFID, switches, multiplexers, temp sensors, control ICs, voltage references, voltage regulators
  • Vishay– mosfets, diodes, thyristors, voltage suppressors
  • Others and Obsolete Inventory – AMD, Motorola, Philips, Three-five, NEC, NES,BKC, Xicor, Xilinx, Philips, Zetex, SGS Thompson, Zyrtek, Comlinear, Unitrode, Harris, GE, RCA, Elantec, Fujitsu, General Semi, Linear Tech, Maxim, PPC, Raytheon, Alpha, Skyworks, Siliconix, Sprague, Allegro

Novacap, Syfer, Johanson Dielectric, Johanson Technology Vishay

Mini Systems, State of the Art, Vishay

MHC also offers a wide array of microelectronics packages such as single chip, module and hybrid packages.  Our packages include TO-cans, surface mount, hermetic, metal, ceramic and glass electronic packages.