MHC is a small woman-owned, value-added bare die sales and support company based in Austin, TX. Originally an idea of Mark and Mike Casteel along with Mary Mooney, Micro Hybrid Components was created in order to provide hybrid and module manufacturers a quality conscious source of components and related services.

With decades of experience in both sales and quality, the team set out in 1996 to develop the foundation for the company we are today. Dorothy Casteel, owner and CEO of MHC, took control in 1998 and has led the company through many stages of growth.

Today MHC partners with many prime defense contractors, as well as smaller custom hybrid and module design/production houses. We offer a wide selection of die and wafer products from discretes, to memory, passives to ICs, Silicon to GaAs. We also provide a broad range of services including contract wafer sawing, backlapping, custom probing, die handling and Visual 750/883 A and B, 38534 H and K along with custom testing, and small batch custom assembly.

MHC is dedicated to providing our customers with superior and reliable products and services. This is the principle on which we were founded and this commitment is as strong now as it was back then.



Micro Hybrid Components is always looking for skilled team members who have experience in the electronics industry.

For information on availible careers please contact careers@mhcsemi.com